Portable Mobile Gantry Crane

Capacity: 250~3000 kg

Gantry span: 2~10 m

Lift height: 2~8 m

Travel mode: manual or electrical

Applications: machinery assembly, auto service shop, pump station maintenance

Portable mobile gantry crane is an economic material handling equipment which has the same efficiency 

compare to other light duty crane types, but more of adaptivity and mobility for general lifting task in 

short distance or tight handling area. There are plenty of cool features that makes your lifting task simple 

and easy due to benefits from portable design, slim structure layout and flexible moving ability. On the 

other hand, crane travel of gantry lift adopts caster wheels which can load and unload material at random

places, optional with motorized wheel block and adjustable height of gantry beam design in terms of 

improve lifting efficiency.



    Height of gantry beam is adjustable by roller pin in order to fulfill different lift height requirements.

    According to user requirement, hoisting mechanism available with manual chain block or electric chain hoist for gantry lift.

    Ergonomic design gantry frame processed by high strength structural steel, optional full aluminum structure design in

       exchange of more lighter weight. Gantry structure simply assemble or dismantle for improved portability.

    All four wheels of crane traveling adopt caster wheel as standard, optional with motorized wheel block and two guide  

       wheels for more relaxing operation. The rubber wheel has long resistance to wheel wear off and corrosion. Independent

       clutch on each wheel block can freely shift crane movement through manual or electrical mode.

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