Compact Smart Parking Garage

Number of parking: 4 cars in two floors/ 6 cars in three floors

Car accessing: automatic smart access

Way of parking: central console, APP on smartphone

Garage style: open no-hide with sun roof, closed with access gate

Today, in metropolitan cities, it's a challenge of limited parking space around residential area against the ever
growing number of motor vehicle and this factor brings a considerable traffic stress. Nucleon smart parking
garage is committed to resolve parking problem with simple car access by taking advantage of utilizing space
combine with circuit programming technology. This garage is environmentally friendly which operate with low 
power consumption and low noise, at the same time, car flow rate much more elevated because of short
accessing time. This garage has a strong product extension ability, such as outfit charging piles for EV cars.


   One garage support 4 cars parking in two floors or max 6 cars in three floors. 

   Car accessing through intelligent elevation beam, elevation beam can randomly extract or place platform from either side with or without cars.

    Once for parking, elevation beam extract platform to the floor in front of garage according to self-positioning system, then it automatically takes 

       the platform with car back into place by giving an order for the second time.

   Garage equipped various safety protections of anti-falling, self-lock when power loss, system-lock in case human stray onto platform.

   0.07kw low power consumption for every operation cycle.

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