Steel Foundry Casting Crane

Capacity: 5 ~320 tonne

Span: Up to 35 m

Applications: foundry shop

Casting crane is one of the most important equipment in steel foundry which matters production efficiency, 
it mainly serves for ladle charging with molten metal. It's critical to overhead crane due to harsh handling
condition always accompany with high ambient temperature and heat directly transmit from ladle which
contains molten metal to bottom of crane girder, hook and wire rope. This factor is a challenge to crane 
safe operation with heavy lifting task. Nucleon crane have plenty of experiences of working in 
metallurgy industry by provide high reliable casting cranes with load capacity up to 320 ton.


   Unique heat insulation layer protects the bottom of crane girder from heat transmit.

   Entire crane design and configuration according to harsh and high temperature environment.

   Electrical components in cabinet completely isolate with outside.

   Speed control of hoisting and crane travel adopt to stator voltage variation technology in exchange of reliable crane operation.

   Based on ladle size or load capacity, ladle charging can be achieved by single open winch crab or two crabs for synchronize motion.

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