Heavy Duty Process Crane

Capacity: 5 ~ 320 tonne

Span: up to 35 m

Applications: Steel processing plant, rolling mill, forging shop

Our heavy duty process crane is tailored for heavy industries which has high demanding of
frequent material handling operations under rated capacity to fulfill their daily production task.
Main hoist of crane configured by open winch to deliver reliable performance and keep lifting
efficiency for continuous handling requirement. The open winch design is adaptable to various
lifting business by outfitting with lifting beam, especially for steel processing industry in rolling mill,
annealing line, coil storage, etc.


  Crane duty available from medium operation to very frequent operation under rated capacity.

  Fine crane processing and machining parts incorporated with trusted driving units for a standout performance.

  Hoisting winch optionally outfit motorized hook, lifting beam, magnet to meet various handling requirements.

  Tandem control with dual open winch crab available for oversized material handling.

  Crane operational with wireless remote or cabin control.

  Optional configure with anti-sway control for much improved lifting stability when handle heavy materials.

  Optional outfit Nucleon smart control technology for automatic handling.

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