MGK Mobile Boat Hoist

Capacity: up to 100 tonne

Hoist speed: 2 m/min (full load)

Travel speed: 30 m/min (full load)

Applications: yacht or boat onshore transportation

Yacht club and private owner always in need of onshore transport and maintenance services for their loved
shipping vessels. Nucleon MGK type travel lift comes to the solution with optimized structure, it's handy to 
operate by configure an integrated hydraulic system which independently for hoisting winch control and
wheel steering. Entire handling and transportation task can be finished through this travel lift in short period 
of time, so shipping vessel can enjoy a quick shift from water to shore.


   Eight moving directions, 360° steering to either direction when travel lift stays in place or in motion.

   Accurate positioning, synchronous lifting to hoisting winches no matter with or without load, error within 1.5%.

   Ackerman steering, 360° steering both for crane stand still and in motion.

   Hydraulic driving system for crane lifting, traveling and steering, power supply through diesel generator.

   U-shape open design with inside hollow structure, possibly make room for full-scale yacht or boat transport.

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