MBH Mobile Boat Hoist

Capacity: 100~800 tonne
Hoist speed: 2 m/min (full load)

Travel speed: 20 m/min (full load)
Applications: Yacht or boat onshore transportation 

We are caring about marine industry and have been working in this industry for years. Our MBH boat hoist 
is committed to provide lifting solution for yacht or boat onshore transportation and maintenance, or shift 
them from the shore to water. This boat hoist has plenty of cool features, shipping vessel is lifting and
holding by sling with multi-lifting points, crane moves according to hydraulic driving system which can
distribute power to all wheel groups, crane wheels  can achieve Ackerman steering and featured with 90°
steering when crane stay in place. Crane is capable to climb 4% angle of slope when travel with full load.


   Maximum support 16 lifting points depending on boat size.

   Crane operation available with wireless remote control or cabin control.

   Ackerman steering, 360° steering both for crane stand still and in motion.

   Hydraulic driving system for crane lifting, traveling and steering, power supply through diesel generator.

   U-shape open design with inside hollow structure, possibly make room for full-scale yacht or boat transport.

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