NL Chain Hoist

Capacity: up to 5 tonne

Lift height: up to 9 m

Applications: monorail, light underslung crane (KBK track)

Light duty lifting requirement plays a critical role in general material handling conditions. In response, 
our NL chain hoist is tailored with highly integrated layout of housing with high performing components, 
it's a competitive product for work station handling requirements. With continuous optimization of hoist
structure which refers to ergonomic design philosophy, NL chain hoist has more compact layout and way
easier to operate, it's widely used in product assembly line, hoist highly adapted for monorail, KBK light
 suspended crane system.


■    Hoist structure apply to 3D modeling design and finite analysis technology, compact and light self-weight, robust housing intensity.

■    Lifting motor built in hoist case, effective braking moment for at least one million times.

■    Transmission gear is noise free design featured with self-lubricate tech.

■    Built in friction clutch protect hoist from overloading.

■    Electrical units built in hoist case, pendant and power inlet connect by plug and socket.

■    High rigidity treated chain has fine wear resistance feature.

■    High strength hook according to DIN 15401 standard.

■    Safety switch for hook pathing to upper and down limit point.

■    No operating noice with low power consumption.

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