Jib Crane

Capacity: up to 10 tonne

Effective lifting radius: up to 9 m

Applications: machining shop, production line, wharf

In many circumstances, there are needs of repeated lifting task operate in short distance and tight loading 
environment, like part machining sector or in the intersection across workshop spans, jib crane is a handy
material handling solution as supplement where an overhead crane is limit to access, and sometimes the jib
crane even more efficient in intensive loading sections due to its flexible and reasonable structure layout and
accessibility to blind corner so as to improve overall handling efficiency. Our NBZ type jib crane has standard 
swivel-ring type rotary arm with capacity no more than 5 ton which mainly apply to medium loading conditions, 
we also has heavy operating duty design with up to 10 ton capacity and as long as 9 m effective lifting radius
which is benefit from reinforced gear rack design to improve arm rotating performance by introducing dual 
driving mechanism and directly engaged with rotation gearas a result, the jib crane is able to continuously
deliver high performances for repeated lifting requirements.


■    Reasonable and compact structure layout with high space utilization rate.

    Jib hoisting mechanism available with chain hoist, standard headroom rope hoist and low headroom rope hoist.

■    More hook approach of heavy duty design at pillar column side due to benefit of no support arm swivel-ring.

■    Jib arm rotation can set up fixed angle of rotate or optional with 360 degree free angle of rotate.

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