Gantry Crane

Capacity: 5 ~ 100 ton

Span: up to 35 m

Applications: warehousing & transport plant

Our full gantry crane is one of the most efficient lifting equipment for pipe, steel coil, concrete beam or any
other heavy objects storage and transportation. This wheeled gantry crane feature with rail mounted runways
and tailored to transfer materials by taking full advantage of structure optimization in exchage of an extended
handling area, also uncompromising quality control and high perfoming parts empower the gantry crane a 
swift loading or unloading efficiency in extensive period of time. The gantry crane is an high cost-effective
material handling solution for indoor use as well where workshop does not have pre-built support structures 
for overhead cranes. Depending on operating duties, load capacity available from 5 ton up to 16 ton with single
girder design and from 10 ton with total up to 100 ton in double girder design. Nucleon gantry crane with long
span is benefit from optimized structure layout of delivering reliable performances to avoid travel out of step
on each carriage side. Upon handling needs, cantilever can be constructed on either or both gantry girder
sides to increase effective lifting sections.


■    Ergonomic radio remote provides full-view operator visibility.

■    VFD speed control of hoist and crane travel for smooth lifting experiences. 

■    Thermal switch introduces on gantry hoist to keep hoisting motor from overheat. 

■    Fast hoisting speed 6 m/min to keep lifting efficiency and creep speed 0.8 m/min for precise positioning by standard.

■    Up to 120 months maintenance-free designed speed reducer for main hoist, transmission gear type helical hardened teeth.

■    2160 N/mm2 high tensile strength galvanized wire rope ensure loading safe and effectively reduce maintenance rate.

■    Fine crafting rope drum, sheaves and wheels outfit water resistant bearings to secure an extended service life.

■    Cantilever can extend lifting and storage area with a maximum 1/3 span length on either or both sides of crane girder.

■    Supporting legs are classified by flexible and rigid structure design on each carriage side to avoid crane travel out of step.

■    Extended hook approach on each gantry side in exchange of more handling area due to benefits of compact layout of our

       rope hoist and open winch design.

■    Crane driving units and electric cabinet feature with reinforced IP insulation grade to stand with outdoor operate conditions.

■    Optional with motorized lifting beam, grab and electromagnet to fulfill different handling task requirements.

   Crane beam and supporting leg available with truss structure design to stand with windy environment.

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