NLH Double Girder Overhead Crane

Capacity: up to 80 tonne

Span: up to 30 m

Applications: manufacturing shop, rolling mill, warehouse & storage area

Nucleon NLH double girder overhead crane is a product extension to HD type single girder overhead crane
which is capable for higher capacity handling requirement. NLH crane featured with improved load efficiency,
hoisting mechanism applys ND wire rope hoist and configured with NDS trolley, Optimized box section girder
according to computing software analysis stress so as to retain sufficient girder strength while keeps structure
weight light and reasonable. To improve crane performance, end carriage on each side of crane divide into two 
pieces and joint by a flexible hinge in order to release stress while crane travel with loads, meanwhile eight
wheel groups design dramatically decrease wheel pressure in exchange of an economical workshop 
construction and elevated crane headroom.


■   ND rope hoist configured with NDS trolley, compact structure, improved load efficiency.

■   Optional with pendant remote, wireless remote control or control through cabin.

■   Maintenance-free design for hoist and crane driving units. High and creep speeds control for main hoist, VFD speed 

      control for cross travel and long travel by default.

■   Gear reducer pre-oiling, transmission gear always lubricated for extended service time.

■   Robust rope drum and sheaves have durable performance of extended service life thanks to fine machining craft.

■   Hoist power inlet and control loop are connected by plug and socket, ease of installation and maintenance.

■   Crane wheels are tempered hardness treatment with extended service life.

■   Optional available with smart control unit for real time hoist operating status monitoring and failure recording.

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