HD Single Girder Overhead Crane

Capacity: up to 12.5 tonne

Span: up to 30 m

Applications: manufacturing shop, machining shop, warehouse

Keeping pace with the latest design philosophy, our HD series single girder overhead traveling crane delivers
the next level performance for general lifting task with load capacity up to 12.5 ton in machining shop, pipe
making line, machinery maintenance room, warehouse, etc. Thanks to standardize design being introduced 
to each crane mechanism which makes HD crane a trusted partner of securing smooth production flow rate 
for many years to come. Main hoisting mechanism delivers reliable performance by configuring ND rope hoist,
on the other hand, reasonable crane layout is benefit from computing software analyize stress transfered from
every direction, therefore to maximum optimize reinforced plate built inside the box section girder in order to
make whole crane structure lighter and compact. Bridge girder can be configured to various formations when 
there is a need of a low profile roof clearance or elevated crane lift height. The optimized structual layout do
help to cut down overall investment to workshop construction on the other hand.



■    VFD speed control of hoist and crane travel for smooth lifting experiences. 

■    Thermal switch introduces on gantry hoist to keep hoisting motor from overheat. 

■    Fast hoisting speed 6 m/min to keep lifting efficiency and creep speed 0.8 m/min for precise positioning by standard.

■    Up to 120 months maintenance-free designed speed reducer for main hoist, transmission gear type helical hardened teeth.

■    2160 N/mm2 high tensile strength galvanized wire rope ensure loading safe and effectively reduce maintenance rate.

■    Fine crafting rope drum, sheaves and wheels outfit water resistant bearings to secure an extended service life.

■   Cross travel wheel additionally adds anti-rolling wheel to balance hoist motion while running on I-beam, no counterweight

      design on hoist frame, self-weight is lighter than ever.

■   Hoist power inlet and control loop are connected by plug and socket, ease of installation and maintenance.

   Based on workshop roof structure formation, bridge girder can configure and adopt to various clearance above travel rails 

      which available with girder sit on top of carriage, carriage recessed to girder, carriage hang aside of girder.

■   Optional with smart control box for real time monitor crane motions, failure recording and pre-warning of parts abnormal 


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