NBK-C Lattice Monorail Crane

Capacity: up to 3.2 tonne

Span: up to 14 m

Applications: Machinery assembly line, part machining area

Our NBK-C free stand monorail crane with lattice structure is a pro lifting solution for light weight material
handling requirement. It has all the same features compare to general NBK crane but with a truss beam and
runway structure which is robust to support crane operating with loads without additionally build steel beam 
to hold the runway, so entire crane structure is more compact with elevated clearance below hoist hook. 


■   Feasible to various indoor handling sectors with little dependence to workshop structure layout.

■   Compact crane layout takes full advantage of space in exchange of elevated hook path.

■   Optimized beam structure and runway track makes crane weight as light as possible, all structural parts assembled by fixture and fastener.

■   Both hoist and crane travel mechanism available with manual or electrical control mode, optional with VFD control to improve lifting stability.

■   One span length can bear with several crane beams to fulfill multi-lifting tasks in the same time.

■   Environmental friendly, no operating noice and super low power consumption.

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