NBK Light Monorail Crane

Capacity: up to 3 tonne

Span: up to 10 m

Applications: machining area, machinery assembly line, auto repair room

NBK light monorail crane system is a suspension type workstation crane with hoist underslung crane bridge, 
both hoist and bridge travel on monorail tracks. The crane system adopts modular design and has strong
adaptivity to any kinds of workshop environment no matter there is tight handling space that entire structure
can mount on ceiling in order to achieve elevated space, but also monorail track can bear hoist bridge with
free-stand support structure as long as it's built on a concrete floor. This NBK crane not only can apply to
general handling conditions with a straight forwarding line of materials, we also provide different monorail 
track combinations for multi-task handling requirement, like circular running track or turn in and turn off
platform which enable the hoist change moving directions so as to run across different handling sections.


■   Flexibly adapt to various handling conditions no matter to new-built plant or plant in operation.

■   Compact structure takes less space occupation in handling area.

■   Optimized beam structure and runway track makes crane weight as light as possible, all structural parts assembled by fixture and fastener.

■   Both hoist and crane travel mechanism available with manual or electrical control mode, optional with VFD control to improve lifting stability.

■   One span length can stands with several crane beams to fulfill multi-lifting tasks in the same time.

  Environmental friendly, no operating noice and super low power consumption.

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