ND Wire Rope Hoist

Capacity: up to 16 tonne

Hook path: up to 20 m

Application: I-beam, H-section, two-rail running trolley

Our ND series wire rope hoist is a trustworthy partner for general material handling requirement. It brings 
reliable handling experiences no matter to light or heavy duty handling conditions. ND hoist can properly
outfit standard or none standard type H-section beam, and also incorporate with two rails running trolley 
for double girder crane. This ND hoist introduce cutting-edge design philosophy, by the time of meeting 
highly effective performance, hoist driving units as well as electrics are both maintenance-free design in 
terms of an extended service life. 


    Drive motor and rope drum adopt to unique C shape design, compact hoist layout in exchange of extended hook path and hook approach.

   Lifting speed has high and creep operation mode by default, optional with frequency drive.

   Maintenance free design for hoist driving unit, hoisting motor has thermal switch to prevent from overheating.

   Gear reducer pre-oiling, cutting edge sealing technology completely isolate gear oil from leaking out, transmission gear is always lubricated, 

      well protect gear for extended service time.

   Robust material made rope drum and sheaves have durable performance of extended service life thanks to fine machining craft.

   Cross travel wheel additionally adds anti-rolling wheel to balance hoist motion while running on I-beam, no counter weight design on hoist frame, 

      self-weight is lighter than ever.

   Optional available with smart control unit for real time hoist operating status monitoring and failure recording.

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