With continuous drive force of technical innovation, setting the bar high of uncompromising 

quality control, Nucleon Crane is rapidly growing and has become one of the first-class industrial 

crane suppliers in the industry. Today our product footprint has covered over 80 countries and 

regions all around the world, hundreds of plants and logistic hubs are working with our cranes 

as partners to serve their daily material handing task.

Nucleon Crane was founded in 2005 as a joint venture with 1.2 billion dollars investment, the 

oversea business development office of Beijing is committed to high quality crane solutions 

with professional insight to meet various market demands. Today our main manufacturing facility 

covers an area of total 480,000 square feet. Currently the company has employed nearly 1700 staffs 

among which 230 employees are senior engineers and technicians, the annual production capacity of 

crane and hoist have reached out 22,000 sets.

We keep exploring new product pattern for the sake of better serve industries by 

introducing mobile internet technology, Internet+, big data storage and analysis, 

provide smart material handling solutions to improve user experiences. We committed to 

refined manufacturing philosophy and pursuit for excellent, customers satisfaction of enjoying with high 

reliable crane product is the ultimate goal which matters every Nucleon staff for today and every day.

We successfully passed ISO quality management and environmental management system, 

Nucleon Crane strictly execute refined management control in the sector of company strategy, 

technical innovation, employee performance, standardization and informatization to push our limits 

on all aspects in terms of supply high quality product. To international presence, Nucleon crane 

now access to over 80 countries and regions with proven certificates of compliance to supply 

high quality industrial cranes.

Qualified product always in association with refined manufacturing facility. Nucleon Crane 

introduce modernized processing facilities, push forward fabrication craft ahead of the industry. 

Our main plant covers an area of 480,000 square foot with three hoist production line, 

four structure processing line, two machining shop, three environmental-friendly painting line and 

one electric assembling shop.

ND hoist production line
Cold rolled forming production line
Drum automatic welding sector
End carriage production line
Gas shield gantry welding line
Plate cutting sector
Parts laser cutting line
Electrics storage sector
Main beam processing shop
Machining parts processing sector
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